Simplicity and self-organization

1 10 2013
 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

This morning when I was about to have my first cup of coffee, accidentally, I looked up in the sky where two small flocks of ducks were flying into one new formation. This was again one of the moments I thought about self-organization. A matter that does not require so much of intellect but basic skills of communication, written and unwritten rules,  coordination and  instincts.

The simplicity in which those two flocks merged into one perfectly shaped triangle in order to save energy and endure long travel (both in short and long term perspective) have inspired many famous and infamous people, but somehow forgotten in or every-day urban existence.

Social media, achieving better results in minimum time, societal and economic pressure have stupefy our most basic instincts of simplicity and common wealth!

The work of the maestro da Vinci hinted that great inspiration comes from the sophistication of simplicity. Perhaps we should also look for the roots of urban self-organization in the simplicity of nature and basics of human interaction!




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