Simplicity and self-organization

1 10 2013
 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

This morning when I was about to have my first cup of coffee, accidentally, I looked up in the sky where two small flocks of ducks were flying into one new formation. This was again one of the moments I thought about self-organization. A matter that does not require so much of intellect but basic skills of communication, written and unwritten rules,  coordination and  instincts.

The simplicity in which those two flocks merged into one perfectly shaped triangle in order to save energy and endure long travel (both in short and long term perspective) have inspired many famous and infamous people, but somehow forgotten in or every-day urban existence.

Social media, achieving better results in minimum time, societal and economic pressure have stupefy our most basic instincts of simplicity and common wealth!

The work of the maestro da Vinci hinted that great inspiration comes from the sophistication of simplicity. Perhaps we should also look for the roots of urban self-organization in the simplicity of nature and basics of human interaction!


Крадецът на интернет!

31 07 2013

Малък град…. разположен на северен склон.

Малък град, дом на астронавт. Макар и един астронавтът си е астронавт и в градския музей е неговия скафандър. Съвсем от скоро и цял парк на него посветен!

Малък град запълнен навсякъде с името Лисец.

В този малък град, и аз!

Крадецът на интернет от улица “Лисец”, номер пет!

Frida Kahlo (06/07/1907 – 12/07/1954)

6 07 2013

Love is… or how often I fall in love.

5 07 2013

Love is delusive they say. Love is like a chameleon they say. Love fades away they say. Love  gives you… oh, forget what they say about love. It’s all for naught!

I fell in love every day. In every stranger whom I see in the bus, tram or metro. Every single moment is precious. Every breath I take is deep and heavy. Every look I project is full with emotions. Every move I make is a dance. Each smile I steal is an ecstasy. Every random touch is a moment which will never happen again.

I do not wait for you. I do not long for you. I just see you. There. You in your world. Me in my universe! Proximity and distance at once. I’ll be never yours and you’ll be never mine! Always moving, but in different directions. The silence is what connects us, and it is the silence as well the one that divorce us.

Attention! Doors are closing. Next stop is…. 

….and there you are. Mysterious, charming and filled with melancholic posture.

Attention! Doors are opening. Metrostation…..

Good bye, my love. I will never forget you….

This cold, extracted of emotion, automatic voice that makes the seconds to last as an eternity. Or the emptiness of the bus in the dark lane of street lights transforming the distance between as into oceans.

All these emotional libations made me think and find this short film.

Maybe we all meet our love every day. Maybe we all go away from it at the same time.

Love is….

In The Dark

26 06 2013

Looking for the beauty and the aesthetics of the world,
Observing the music overflowing in the landscape and reaching every little corner of my soul.
Hearing how the strings are trembling in my stomach and commanding the butterflies there to fly.
Feeling the waves in the air and bristle in the night.
Shivering after sensing the chilliness of the blowing breeze.
Resting your head powerless on the pillow.
Dreaming of notes scattering in the night air.
Some things are better left unsaid.
Some things are better to be found in the dark.
Lost & Found

The worm and the rotten apple

22 06 2013

I’ve heard this little anecdote yesterday when I was having a lunch with a dearest person, and this is how the story goes like…

Two worms, a son and a father, were living in an old, rotten apple in the nearby an apple tree and they were been happy with the live they live there. One day the junior worm climbed over the top of the rotten apple, turn its head around and realise that the field is full with nice, shiny and juicy apples. Then it asked:

– Father, why do we live in this rotten brown apple, when there are better apples there?

– Well, son, what to say… It’s a homeland!

This made me think how I feel. Now. Back in Bulgaria. For a while.

Last couple of days I have been visiting Veliko Turnovo, where I spend the most fragile years of my life. Being a teenagre living on your own, far away from your family can be harsh, but it can be also an experience that can teach you a lot.

I have met so many faces, learn so many stories and share so many tears, which now seem as much as sweet as silly.

There is much energy left after me that I can still feel and recharge. There are so many unspoken stories I may have not shared and even do not remember anymore. There are so many scattered memories that you see reflecting across the riverbed. There are so many dreams running on the streets.

There is the moon – glowing, round and sad. There are the crickets – loud and proud. There are frogs hidden in the summer nights – croaking for tenderness. The cute little houses hanging around the river – authentic and breathtaking. The narrow streets drowning in the moonlight. The smell in the air – a infusion of a blossoming lined tree. The soft feeling of the piano scores upon my soul. The firefly, oh the firefly, guiding me in the dark…

There is so much of me!

(A Dream for a) Nightingale, Cricket and Harp

19 06 2013

2:23am. The twinkling starts of the city are slowly fading away in the darkness of the night.

It is the darkness that makes some things to be seen, and it is the darkness that hides them away.

I see them all, the urban lights, all standing alone and crying for attention, and embracing the emptiness of the night.

They flash in frozen motion as a decor of an everlasting movie with a messy and chaotic director and even more disoriented actors.

A movie that stops in the darkest hour of the night and starts when trees do not posses their shadows anymore.

A movie that is so great that I cannot take my eyes away from the window of my 15th floor apartment.

A movie with the most perfect soundtrack of all –  an orchestration of a nightingale, а cricket and a harp.

A song that shiver my heart and burst me apart.

In the darkness of the night!