Love is… or how often I fall in love.

5 07 2013

Love is delusive they say. Love is like a chameleon they say. Love fades away they say. Love  gives you… oh, forget what they say about love. It’s all for naught!

I fell in love every day. In every stranger whom I see in the bus, tram or metro. Every single moment is precious. Every breath I take is deep and heavy. Every look I project is full with emotions. Every move I make is a dance. Each smile I steal is an ecstasy. Every random touch is a moment which will never happen again.

I do not wait for you. I do not long for you. I just see you. There. You in your world. Me in my universe! Proximity and distance at once. I’ll be never yours and you’ll be never mine! Always moving, but in different directions. The silence is what connects us, and it is the silence as well the one that divorce us.

Attention! Doors are closing. Next stop is…. 

….and there you are. Mysterious, charming and filled with melancholic posture.

Attention! Doors are opening. Metrostation…..

Good bye, my love. I will never forget you….

This cold, extracted of emotion, automatic voice that makes the seconds to last as an eternity. Or the emptiness of the bus in the dark lane of street lights transforming the distance between as into oceans.

All these emotional libations made me think and find this short film.

Maybe we all meet our love every day. Maybe we all go away from it at the same time.

Love is….